From Syringe to Brush

My name is Barry and this is my story.

Barry Yeow - From Syringe to Brush

Barry Yeow – From Syringe to Brush

I was in and out of prison for many years and I began to feel that life was meaningless. In 2011, I was given the opportunity to attend art classes while in prison. I took a liking to it and since then, I ventured into the different forms of art including painting, sculpturing, pottery and batik.

I had a dream one night after I found my passion in art. I dreamt I was in the front page of the newspapers with the headline, “From Syringe to Brush”. This dream sparked a hope for my existence and my life took a turn from then. I believe I was created to use my art for the Glory of my Creator. I am certain that this dream will be fulfilled when I am released from prison.

I begin to share this dream with the people around me. I am thankful that there are people who believe in my dream and are eager to be part of this new life’s journey. With this, I am humbled.

Please feel free to browse through my works and, perhaps, you would like to adopt some of my works. Every piece of my work is original and your adoption plays a big part in the fulfilment of my dream – From Syringe to Brush.

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